I want resell Netty!!!

Grab the handle of a Czech Net Bag, inspire your customers, and offer them an alternative to single-use paper and plastic shopping bags. 
The Czech Net Bag is well-established in over 100 shops with farm-fresh groceries, delicatessens, and designer accessories. You, too, can add them to your counter.
If you’re ordering a larger volume of Czech Net Bags we’ll be happy to lend you a display stand in one of two sizes, making your Czech Net Bags easier to see and sell. Don’t have enough room in your shop? Instead of a stand, we can lend you a frame with a hanging system that fits anywhere.
Like it? Get in touch and we’ll come up with something together.

In one corner the plastic bag – a scoundrel beloved by the masses. In the other, the Czech Net Bag – a challenger that might be a dark horse. How will the match turn out? How will these bags measure up (or not) in everyday life?

Everyday challengePlastic bagCzech Net Bag Average score
Enormous purchase at the grocery store Holds everything - if you like your food steamed. Holds everything, with ventilation.0 : 1
Picking up a package at the post officeLarge packages won’t fit, sharp corners poke through.Expands to hold pretty much anything.0 : 2
Wet bathing suitThe water from your suit stays contained, but good luck 
if you forget to take your suit out.
Drips a little, but everything dries quickly. 1 : 3
Gym gearHow My Sweaty T-Shirt Became A Biological WeaponSmells, Gone With the Wind1 : 4
Rain, rain, go awayCan withstand a blizzard.Can also withstand a blizzard.2 : 5
DiscretionIt shows only where you shop.Everyone knows what you buy. Not that you have anything to hide, though, right?3 : 5
Style The 80s called, they want their trash bag back.Czech Net is the new black.3 : 6
EcologyEco what? You’re kidding, right?Like diamonds, the Czech Net Bag is forever. 3 : 7
The plastic bag should have points deducted for its environmental footprint alone, but that would put its score deep in the negative. Still, the verdict is clear: Plastic Bag vs. Czech Net Bag 3 : 7.