Terms and conditions

Introductory Provisions

These terms and conditions apply to purchase in this internet shop, whose proprietor is the commercial company POAK CZ, s. r. o., with registered office Palackého 15, Praha 1, 110 02, identification number: 28366786 recorded in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court of Prague, section C, file 136476 for the sale of goods via the online shop located at the internet address eshop.ceskasitovka.cz.

Order and execution of purchase agreement 

By sending the order the purchaser confirms that they are familiar with the claims policy and these terms and conditions, and that they agree with them.

The order is a draft of the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is executed in actuality at the moment of receipt of the ordered goods by the purchaser.

A condition for the validity of an electronic order is the proper completion of all data and requirements prescribed by the form.

The place of delivery of the goods is the delivery address stated by the purchaser in the order form.

Ownership of the goods is transferred to the purchaser upon receipt and payment.

By completing registration form or order within the internet shop eshop.ceskasitovka.cz, the purchaser gives the seller consent to collection and storage of personal data about the purchaser and about their purchase.

Payment conditions, shipping dates and fees

All goods are shipped no later than within 5 business days of receipt of the order. In the event that it is not possible to uphold this timeframe for operational reasons, the customer will be notified via email. For payments on delivery, the shipping period will begin to run immediately upon placing an order; for payments by bank transfer, the start of the shipping period is the moment the payment is registered to the seller’s bank account.

Goods are sent via Czech Post or by courier.

Payment conditions and a description of the individual types of payments is specified at the time of ordering the given goods.

Goods may be paid for in advance via bank transfer or the PAYU, GO PAY payment portal to Unicredit Bank bank account no. 2109800959/2700. The purchaser will receive instructions for payment via email. In the case of payment on delivery, the purchaser pays for goods at the time of receipt. Personal retrieval at the Sklizeno shop is available only when paying in advance to the bank account above.

PAY U Payment Portal

After sending the order, the Payer has the option to use the ePlatba+ service, which will transfer them to the internet banking portal of their bank. The Payer submits payment using internet banking. The seller will ship the goods immediately after receipt of the confirmation of payment. Transfers of money are carried out through the account of the company PAY U.

The sensitive access data you enter into the internet banking system is protected by the payment portals of the banks and are not made available to third parties. The processor of your payment sees only information about the transaction shared with them by the bank along with the submitted payment.

By executing a purchase agreement, the purchaser gives the seller consent to the processing of their specific data until such time as written withdrawal of consent with processing of this data is provided. The specific data the seller states at the time of placing the order serves solely for our needs and will not be provided to any other subjects with the exception of payment processors.


Any claims will be addressed in accordance with the Claims Policy of the internet shop eshop.ceskasitovka.cz and the applicable laws of the Czech Republic.

The claims policy of the internet shop forms part of these terms and conditions.

Withdrawal from the purchase agreement on the part of the customer 

The purchaser has the right according to paragraph 6 of the novella to the Civil Code No. 367/2000 to withdraw from this Agreement within 14 days of receipt of the goods. If such cases the undamaged goods must be returned without sign of wear or use in the original packaging within the period stated, as decided by the date of sending. After receiving the returned goods, the seller shall refund the amount corresponding to the price of the goods to the customer in a manner agreed in advance within 14 days of the delivery date.

Withdrawal from the purchase agreement on the part of the seller, right to change of prices

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or any part thereof in the following cases:

The goods are no longer manufactured or delivered.

The price of the supplier of the goods has changed in a significant manner.

The published price is incorrect (due to errors during mass processing of data, etc.)

In these cases the purchaser shall be contacted immediately and next actions agreed with them. If the purchaser has already paid part or all of the purchase price, this amount will be refunded to their account or address in the shortest possible timeframe.

The seller also reserves the right to change prices. Valid prices are confirmed for the purchaser at the moment of confirming the order. If the valid price is the same or lower than the price in the order, this is not confirmed retroactively to the purchaser and the goods are delivered to them for the valid price at the moment of receiving the order. If the price is higher than the price stated in the order, the seller shall immediately inform the purchaser, who can accept the new price or refuse the delivery.

Closing provisions 

These terms and conditions apply in the version stated on the internet pages of the seller as of the date the purchaser submits the electronic order.

By sending the electronic order, the purchaser accepts without reservation all provisions of these terms and conditions as of the date of submitting the order, as well as the valid price of the ordered goods as of the date of submitting the order (including shipping or postage) listed in the catalog of the internet shop eshop.ceskasitovka.cz, unless demonstrably agreed otherwise in a specific instance. The submitted order (draft of the purchase agreement) is irrevocably binding for the purchaser.

In situations not addressed by these terms and conditions, the relationship between the seller and the purchaser is subject to Czech law, primarily the Commercial and Civil Code.

Claims policy

In the event of delivery of ordered goods via Czech Post, the purchaser is obligated to inspect the goods to determine whether they reflect defects caused by shipping. 

If yes, the purchaser is required not to accept the goods and should write a bill of damage with the shipper. The purchaser is also obligated to inform the seller about any damage to goods during shipping.

If the goods are delivered to the given address by a contractual shipper, the purchaser is obligated to inspect the goods immediately upon their receipt from the person performing delivery and to claim any defects of the goods or incompleteness of the delivery (difference between the invoice and the delivered goods) immediately, no later than the next day after receiving the goods. Later claims lodged for apparent defects or incompleteness of the order shall not be recognized by the seller or the shipper.

In the event of damages during shipping, retain the packaging in which the goods were shipped for any applicable photo documentation.

If the goods are retrieved in person, the purchaser is obligated to inspect the goods upon receipt and immediately to report any apparent defects to the seller. Later claims lodged for apparent defects will not in this case be acknowledged by the seller.

If a claimable defect is incurred for goods delivered by the internet shop eshop.ceskasitovka.cz, the purchaser may lodge that claim in writing or via email.

Written notice of determined defects may be conducted by the purchaser to the following address: Česká síťovka, Vyšehradská 4, Praha 2, 120 00.

Notice of defects must contain the following: name of purchaser, address, telephone, email, order number, invoice number, detailed description of the defect, and description of how the defect was incurred.

Immediately upon receipt of the notice of defects per points 1 and 2 of this claims policy, the seller shall inform the purchaser of next actions depending on the type of goods, and primarily on where the purchaser should deliver the defective goods.

In the event that the claimed goods must be sent back to the seller, the customer is obligated to wrap the goods in their original packaging or to procure new packaging suitable for the demands of shipping at their own cost. The purchaser acknowledges that in the event of insufficiently protected goods, the claim need not be recognized.

Depending on the type of defect and the character of the goods in accordance with legal regulations valid in the Czech Republic, a justified claim shall be resolved through exchange of goods or return of the purchase price paid.

The seller shall not be liable for damages incurred due to improper use of the product, as well as damages caused by external events or improper handling. Defects of this type are also not subject to the warranty provided.

Protection of personal data

The customer consents that the seller will process their personal data (first name, last name, address, email, telephone number). All of this shall take place with respect to valid regulations, namely Act No. 101/2000 on Personal Data Protection. This consent may be withdrawn at any time through the explicit declaration of the purchaser effected in written form and submitted to the seller.


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