Mesh bag - beige brown

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    Show what you're made of! Release your hands and enjoy high quality fashion bag made of eco-leather and cotton mesh. No shapeless bag. A stylish affair that keeps its shape and can accommodate many things. From wallets, keys and a kilo of apples from the apartment via computer, diary and other terribly important things without which not leaving the house ever. Dimensions: 30 x 39 cm Capacity: 1.5 kg Material: leatherette EKO cotton vlákno- Codline: Beige, Pure cotton Brand: Concept CS Made in Czech Republic VEGAN Can be worn on both sides. When heat is back sweat backpack is airy. Keeps its shape beautifully.
  • Load capacity: 1,5kg
  • Material: bavlněné vlákno-EKO-koženka
  • Size: 30x39cm