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    You can not get a taste of a plastic carrier bags Disposable? Paper bags are not the solution, because their production carries the same load on the environment, such as the production of plastic. So, we came up with an alternative, you'll love. Textile grocery sacks from Czech string bags, which are a necessary adjunct to ZERO WASTE buying and storing food. The bags are breathable and can carry up to two kilos of food. Retracting lanyard is provided with wooden beads. The bag is also hand-printed organic colors Characteristics of the food bag viscose: hygienic (attestation for direct contact with food) pleasant to touch hard and abrasion resistant compostability (subject putrefactive processes in the country) material is made of natural viscose fibers, which carry no components Chemistry material is breathable (for example, is suitable for fresh bread, placed in a bag and breathing neplesnivý) Easy ecological destruction - can be incinerated or composted Good to know: Viscose fibers are among the natural products. In Europe, a gain of beech wood. In Asia again very well serve fir or eucalyptus. The material complies with the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 1935/2004 dated 3 February 2014 on materials and articles intended for contact with food. What to watch: - limited washability relative to rozložitosti material (recommended washable by hand or in a washing machine at 30 °) - when wetting or wet threatening rupture, its strength is recovered after drying