Gray-gray guise (for him) - double-sided 2in1

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    The veil behind the veil !!! He made everyone around her makeshift veil, which is a mandatory part of our everyday lives. After several weekly testing, we decided to create our forewoman only two design pieces "for her" to be beautiful and the veil, but also one gray gray "for him". Our style masks are made of premium, high-strength material. In addition, masks are reversible, so you can alternate design according to your mood. This is a quality manual work, we tested a longer period. But we do not think for yourself! By purchasing your fashion masks, goes one classic to the selected device. For those that need them most. Currently we sew for They helped JSE: - Prague 7 - Aftercare Hospital Prague Kobylisy - Parish charity Dobruška We recommend using the filter - nano filter, paper towels, HEPA filter, a nonwoven fabric ... WARNING: These filters prevent the penetration of viruses. Once you get wet, it must be replaced.
  • Materiał: nerezeová ocel
  • Rozmiar: 10,5 x 14 cm
  • Pojemność: 2 x 750ml
  • Ornament: v ceně ozdobička, která může zdobit nejen ešus ale třeba i vaši oblíbenou síťovku