Company give away

Promotional bags no longer have to be boring. Production of gift bags currently centers mostly on bags with printed labels, but why not use the Czech Net Bag for your promotions? Great idea, right? Check it out.

Planning a convention, press conference, social event, and you don't know what gift to give your clients or employees? The Czech Net Bag is exactly the novel idea you’ve been looking for. The one your customers will take shopping with them, on picnics, to the swimming pool or the gym, all with your company’s logo securely fastened to the handle. It’s the perfect bag for carrying anything from a corporate notebook to a bottle of wine. 

Pick one that matches your company colors and your customers will always be reliably equipped with your brand.










We’ll take care of everything for you

We can produce, package, and brand your promotional Czech Net Bags for you from the first weave. Looking for a tag with the logo of your company on the handle, or original graphics on the packaging? We’ll be happy to make it happen for you. Just drop us a line.

The many notable customers who have used the Czech Net Bag as a promotional premium or as their own private label include Kofola, Skanska, Allianz, BMW, Kaufland, and Siemens. And yet we value every customer, and you don’t have to order hundreds of items to enjoy the luxury of your own original bag. Just get in touch and we’ll make it happen.