Bamboo straws set 4x straw

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    Czech reticule has decided that it will spread further ,, ,, zero waste products and hence in our collection can not miss even a substitute for plastic straws - bamboo straw. Bamboo is rightly regarded as the most environmentally friendly material for industrial production. In some cases it can grow up to 100 cm per day (normally have several tens cm) and is fully renewable raw material. For his treatment have not used any pesticides or other chemical sprays because bamboo itself produces the growth of antibacterial agent to prevent the occurrence of pests. Set includes 4 pieces of straws and a cleaning brush.
  • Material: certifikovaný bambus, 100% – přírodní materiál, bez chemických postřiků
  • Size: 21,5 cm
  • Diameter: cca 1 cm
  • Gap: 0,5 cm