About us

Welcome to the world of net. Perhaps you recall the classic net bag from the days of our grandmothers. Back in those days they weren't so well crafted, and often sagged like a noodle to the ground under the weight of their groceries. We've succeeded in dusting off this hundred-year-old tradition and now manufacture Czech Net Bags in our protected workshops that are colorful, decorated, and chic. What's more, we've provided our Czech Net Bags a hint of innovation and creativity, as well as the perfect amount of flexibility. 


If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly portable sack or shopping bag that can carry more than you can, you’re in the right place. Every net bag that leaves our workshops is an original. Sewn according to patented patterns, many of our Czech Net Bags are crafted by hand. And because we believe in sharing, we collaborate with many protected workshops throughout the Czech Republic. 

The Czech 

Net Bag also boasts the seal of a genuine 

Czech Product